Drostanolone Enanthate, USP
DIN: 00087786
200 mg/2mL
10 mL Multiple-Dose, Cartons of 1 vial

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DESCRIPTION Drostanolone enanthate is a steroid highly valued by competing bodybuilders. Drostanolone enanthate is highly androgenic/moderately anabolic/moderate anti-estrogenic. The great popularity of this injectable steroid in the world of bodybuilders is due to the extraordinary characteristics of its included substances. Drostanolone enanthate is a synthetic derivative of Dihydrotestosterone it prevents the Drostanolone enanthate to aromatize in any dosage and thus, it cannot be converted into estrogens. Drostanolone enanthate is a steroid with strong antiestrogenic characteristics. Since Drostanolone Enanthate is a predominantly androgenic steroid, the athlete can increase his androgen level without risking an increase in his estrogen level. This results in a dramatically improved hardness and sharpness of the muscles. One must, however, make a distinction here since Drostanolone enanthate does not automatically improve the quality of muscles for everyone. A prerequisite is that the athlete’s fat content must already be very low. In this case, Drostanolone enanthate can then be the decisive factor between a smooth, flat muscle or a hard and ripped look. The usual dosage taken by athletes is around 300-500 mg per week. However, since it also has anabolic characteristics and thus, helps the buildup of a high-qualitative muscle system, the use of Drostanolone Enanthate is not only limited to the preparation stage for a competition. Athletes who want to avoid water retention and who readily have a problem with an elevated estrogen level, likewise appreciate Drostanolone enanthate. Drostanolone enanthate is not hepatoxic, so liver damage is quite unlikely. High blood pressure and gynecomastia are not a problem since neither water nor salt retention occurs and the estrogen level remains low. The main problems are acne and a possible accelerated hair loss since Dihydrotestosterone is highly affinitive to the skin’s androgen receptors, in particular, to those on the scalp. Since in most cases, Drostanolone enanthate is not administered in excessively high dosages and at the same time, the intake is limited to a few weeks, the compatibility for the athlete is usually very good.

COMPOSITION Medicinal ingredients and Non-Medicinal ingredients. Each 2mL contains: Drostanolone enanthate, 200 mg; benzyl alcohol, 9 mg; Cottonseed oil USP, q.s

CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY ACTIONS Drostanolone enanthate is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone resulting in a compound with moderate anabolic property that does not aromatize to estrogen. Gynecomastia is not included in this compound. Drostanolone enanthate also exhibits anti-estrogenic activity in the body. Typically used to increase lean muscle mass, the compound is frequently used with other compounds such as nandrolone decanoate and boldenone undecylenate to enhance overall anabolic results.

INDICATIONS Drostanolone enanthate is clinically used to treat breast cancer. The drug works by blocking and preventing estrogen production. Many types of breast cancer are estrogen dependent, so the Drostanolone enanthate helps reduce the cancer’s chance of survival. It is also used by athletes and bodybuilders to reduce water retention and increase hardness and sharpness of the muscles. Drostanolone enanthate is not hepatoxic, High blood pressure and gynecomas#tia have not been signaled. Drostanolone enanthate is a DHT-derivative, it is not affected by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase.

CONTRAINDICATIONS Drostanolone enanthate is contra-indicated in pregnancy since the Drostanolone enanthate contained in the preparation, like all anabolic agents, possesses some androgenic activity which may lead to signs of virilisation in the female newborn.Acne and accelerated hair loss are possible risks since Dihydrotestosterone is highly affinitive to the skin’s androgen receptors, in particular, to those on the scalp.

ADVERSE REACTIONS Androgenic side effects include an increase of acne as a result of an increase in the production of skin oils, potential hair loss (male pattern baldness) for those who possess the genetic predisposition, and benign prostatic hypertrophy. Androgenic Drostanolone

enanthate side effects can be an even greater concern for females, which manifests itself in the form of virilization and can include the deepening of the voice, hair growth on the body, the enlargement of the clitoris, and menstrual irregularities.

CARDIOVASCULAR Drostanolone enanthate is one of the safest steroids for blood pressure maintenance.

DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION Drostanolone enanthate is for intramuscular use only. It should not be given intravenously. Injections should be given in the deep muscle group’s site.The suggested dosage for Drostanolone enanthate varies depending on the age, sex, and weight of the patient. Dosage is adjusted according to the patient’s response and the appearance of adverse reactions. Some experts have advocated lower dosage initially, gradually increasing the dose with or without a decrease for maintenance of levels. Other experts emphasize higher initial dosage and lower dosage for maintenance therapy. Typical dosage range for maintenance is 300–500 mg every seven to ten days.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS Vial should be kept away from light and stored in controlled temperature from 20-25 degree Celsius (68° TO 77°F) Warming and shaking the vial should redissolve any crystals that may have formed during storage. Keep out of reach of children.








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